Posted by Alex Wu's Blog on March 19, 2021


A mere word representing mankind’s ability to overcome

This is the means to fight your fears from ruling you, to begin your journey

A journey into the unknown

A journey to reach this bold world

A journey that’ll get you lost along the way

You will find yourself in the dark struggling alone

But these are the tests that the universe will place in front of you

To see how strong your desire really is

Their destiny will never be reached if you don’t depart

And you must never stop

Understand the word “conquer” does not voluntarily admit the obstacles that about to come

But simply allows you the chance to greet them yourself

You will feel as though you are blindly running through life

But I ask you to close your eyes

And trust your mind, trust your body, trust your spirit, trust you

Your future is simply a vision of the paradise you have created in your mind

You must venture into the unknown with the acceptance that everything you go through will have a purpose

The purpose to learn, the purpose to change, the purpose to create

You see we’re all here on this planet for a specific reason

We must find it, define it

And never stop believing in our destiny

Because life has no meaning until you created it

It is the obstacles we overcome that grant us the true beauty in life

The beauty that confirms that everything that you have ever struggled for was worth it

If you find trust in your faith, and what the universe has for you, you will find what you have always been looking for

Because life is not about destination, it’s about the journey